Poiana Fagilor - peste 26000mp teren de vanzare Pestera - Moeciu

Land for sale for holiday homes in Moeciu, Pestera village - Tips for those interested to buy land Moeciu Bran Brasov Transilvania Romania

Advices for buyers - Be an informed buyer!

Good to know for any buyer

Besides the Land title and the Tax Certificate (mandatory documents for making the contract for Sale and Purchase), it is advisable for the seller to present you a Planning Consent showing the followings:

  • if the land is outside or within a built-up area
  • the type of the area (industrial or residential area, etc.)
  • the utilities in the area
  • the restrictions on the land
  • POT(coverage on ground floor) and FAR (Floor Area Ratio)

Without such a Consent you risk buying a land that you can never build on or that you can never sell. This might mean loosing all the invested money.

Rezoning a land

It is good to know that in order to rezone a land to be able to build on, you have to have a PUZ (Regional Planning Consent).

For example, the cost of a PUZ for a 1000 sq m parcel ranges from 7000-8000 euro and it takes 6 to 8 months to obtain it

Besides the costs, you have to consider the large number of approvals you need to obtain - 12 approvals and studies:

  • Electrica approval
  • Sanitary veterinary Authority approval
  • Transgaz approval
  • Prevention and Firefighting approval
  • Civil defense approval
  • Environmental permit
  • Public health permit
  • Ministry of Transport, Construction and Tourism approval
  • City Council approval
  • Approval from the City Hall having in administration the land
  • Geo-technical study
  • Topographic study

After investing all that money you might find yourself in the impossibility of rezoning the land : a certain pipe is crossing the land (transgaz, water, power line ) or the land is within a National Park.

It is good to know that parts of the villages Magura, Pestera and Sirnea are included in the Piatra Craiului National Park.

Geo-technical study

The land you are purchasing it is recommended to have a Geo-technical study. This study offers you valuable informations concerning:

  • structure of the soil
  • freezing depth
  • the risk of land slide in the area

Advantages of the Birch Hill land

The advantages of our land compared to other lands sold in Magura- Pestera-Sirnea region:

  • Situated in a built-up area (Regional Planning Consent approved)
  • The land is outside the boundaries of the Piatra Craiului National Park protected area
  • It has a Geo-technical study
  • The road has been improved (with compacted gravel) all the way up to the lots.

Other details:

  • Most of the lots have a 3%-15% slope.
  • The lots have a frontage from 19 to 45 meters. The internal private road is already separated and it has its own land title; it is offered free of charge as share part to the future owners.
  • Each parcel has 100% Orange, Vodafone and Cosmote service.

The urbanistic indicators for the project are:

  • POT (coverage on ground floor) of 35% (on a parcel of 1000 square meters a construction can have a maximum 350 sq m footprint )
  • FAR ( Floor Area Ratio) of 1(on a parcel of 1000 square the total floor area of the building must not exceed 1.000 sq m)
  • allowed height : Ground floor+1st floor +attic.