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As in any disease, early diagnosis allows simpler curative actions, less patient trauma, better life expectancy and quality for the patient.

Nevertheless, the diagnosis for prostate cancer is carried in the same way as it was performed 50 years ago. It involves a core, transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy TRUS. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI enables a better view of the prostate with clear tumour definition, but MRI guided biopsy can be achieved only with MRI compatible materials which make the procedure prohibitive.

metoda tradițională de tratament pentru prostatita

The current worldwide diagnosis technique for prostate cancer has some major drawbacks: low real-time image quality, blind biopsy and impossibility of registering the 3D location biopsy prostate video the biopsy cores. The project aim is to develop a robotic system which combines the MRI capacity to identify malignant tissue and precisely define the biopsy targets with the accessibility and real-time capability of an ultrasound guided system.

tratament cu masaj pentru prostatită cronică

Using the virtual reality software the coordinates of the biopsy targets are identified, and using the robot the biopsy is performed with high accuracy. The consortium is coordinated by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca with renowned specialists in the field of parallel robots, and four institutional partners: University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca with a team of urology doctors specialised in prostate cancer, University Transilvania of Brasov, which provides the software and virtual reality specialists, the Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation with know-how in the development of medical devices and a private company, Electronic April Cluj-Napoca, specialised in medical apparatus development and commercialization.

It must be stated that all the consortium members have previous experience and successful achievements in the field of medical robotics.

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The end-product of ROBOCORE is an innovative complex system, which aims to provide accurate diagnosis in early cancer biopsy prostate video, enabling the proper therapy identification and an active surveillance of the tumours evolution which reduces the patient discomfort, provides him the right treatment at the right time and also enables proper follow-up after each evaluation or therapy stage.