Heterogeneous prostate on ct scan

heterogeneous prostate on ct scan

CT Body Perfusion Quantifiable perfusion CT Body Perfusion is intended for visualization, assessment and quantification of blood flow, blood volume, time to peak and peak enhancement using dynamic CT data. The application provides whole-organ or single-location liver, lung and kidney perfusion calculations.

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Heterogeneous prostate on ct scan Enables data analysis for optimization of injection timing as test prior to the clinical scan. Liver Analysis CT Liver Analysis Advanced Liver segmentation Automatically identifies, segments and quantifies the liver from the portal venous phase of a tri-phase liver scan and classifies the hepatic and portal veins. Benefits Semi-automatic segmentation methods to segment the liver i.

Couinaud and provides tools to analyze and quantify the whole liver, liver segments and user-defined regions of interest. Enables virtual hepatectomy, providing volumetric estimates of resected and residual liver segments.

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Segmentations of the whole liver, liver segments, vasculature and findings can be exported as RT Structures. Pre-filled data including characteristics for each nodule in configurable presets are provided automatically by the application. Lung and nodule segmentations can be shared as RT Structures. Please refer to clinical literature, including the results of the National Lung Screening Trial N Engl J Med ; and subsequent literature, for further information. These functionalities may not be available in all territories.

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Please contact a Philips representative for more details. It offers an automated process that identifies and marks regions of interest based on image features associated with lung nodules. It is intended for use as a second reader after an initial interpretation of the diagnostic image has been performed.

Benefits Volumetric segmentation detects nodules based on size, shape, density, and anatomical context.

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One-click display of the findings. The fast launch of LMG allows review and identification heterogeneous prostate on ct scan the most relevant results to be launched into the application for further analysis. Spectral Tumor Tracking CT Spectral Tumor Tracking Inspection of tumors, as contrast enhanced, soft tissue oriented, and whole-body scans Assists clinicians in viewing and evaluating CT images acquired on the IQon CT scanner for the inspection of tumors, as contrast enhanced, soft tissue oriented, and whole-body scans.

It supports lesion viewing and analysis based on different spectral data types such as iodine density maps or virtual non-contrast-enhanced images. Benefits Tissue segmentation and editing tools allow to generate user-defined ROI and the application provides information on physical length, width, volume and composition properties effective atomic number, attenuation, HU of the tumor. The application supports longitudinal viewing of cases taken from different examination times.

Obtain a comprehensive overview of each patient quickly and easily, quantify quickly, and assist in diagnosis.

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It is designed to accommodate general spectral viewing needs with infectii urinare pastile tools to assist in CT images analysis. Benefits Enhances the conventional image by overlaying an iodine map. Visualization of virtual non-contrast images.

Images at different energy levels keV. Switching to various spectral results can be done through a viewport control. Lesion characterization using scatter plots.

heterogeneous prostate on ct scan

Tissue characterization using attenuation curves. SBI contains all the spectrum of spectral results with no need for additional reconstruction or post-processing. Spectral applications are creating different spectral results from SBI. Indicated for use as a second read, VeraLook is designed to enhance clinician accuracy and efficiency. Benefits Identify colon polyps to aid in the reading process. Heterogeneous prostate on ct scan to enhance clinician accuracy and efficiency by improving detection pedunculated, sessile, flat and fluid submerged colonic polyps.

The application automatically segments the air-filled colon and displays a calculated navigation path. The Perspective Filet view provides a synchronized display of the full colon surface wall with a single unidirectional view, reducing the need to review in both directions.

heterogeneous prostate on ct scan