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Evidence on the neural crest origin of PEComas A. The histogenesis of PEComas is one of the most mysterious aspects of pathology. Hypothesis on its precursor are many, including a cell from blood vessel walls or the myoblast.

In the current report, we review many morphologic, clinical, ultrastructural, molecular and genetic aspects that support the hypothesis of an origin of PEComas from the neural crest. Morphological identification of neuron types in the rat hippocampus T. Szilagyi, K. Pavai The cerebral cortex ensures an optimal interaction of mammals, including humans, with their environment, by encoding, storing and combining information about the surrounding world and the internal milieu.

Probably the simplest and the most popular region for studying the cortical network is the hippocampal CA1 area, because it has the least heterogeneous neuronal population, the somata and dendrites of principal neurons pyramidal cells are arranged into well defined layers and the extrinsic and intrinsic inputs are segregated. The relatively homogeneous pyramidal cell population is supported by a very heterogeneous GABAergic interneuron population, which provides not only general inhibition, but also regulates the precise timing of pyramidal cell activity.

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Interneurons usually innervate distinct domains of the surface of their target cell. The strategic placement prostatita abdominala inhibitory synapses, indicate that GABAergic interneurons belonging to different classes serve distinct functions in the hippocampal network.

Neuron types are usually defined according to various morphological, molecular and physiological features. Under typical experimental conditions only some of these parameters are available, therefore an important scientific question is: which partial measures are sufficient for correct recognition of a class of cell.

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By immunohistochemistry it is possible to stain all neurochemically identical neurons in a given brain region, therefore it is the most widely used method for identifying neuron classes. This review presents the neuron types identified so far in the area CA1 of the rat hippocampus with special emphasis on the immunocytochemical characterization of these cells. Man COPD is a disease characterized by inflammation both in its stable phase and during exacerbations. Inflammation medicamente nocive pentru prostatita present in the respiratory compartment, the inflammatory cells and different mediators of inflammation being present.

Studies have shown that some mediators of inflammation have a high level at systemic level also, inducing a certain grade of systemic inflammation, mainly responsible for the systemic manifestation of the disease.

It seems that the both local and the systemic inflammation are amplified during exacerbations. The purpose of this paper is to review the respiratory inflammatory reaction, to identify the main actors involved in the stable phase of the disease benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis during exacerbations, the systemic inflammation accompanying the local inflammation, and to find the possible interrelations between the systemic and local inflammation, on one hand, and the respiratory and extra-respiratory manifestations of COPD on the other hand.

The understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms, which stay at the base of inflammation and of the possible interrelations shown, represents a theoretical interest and also a practical one, concerning the targets of different therapeutic agents which benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis be used in the management and in the control of the disease. Clinico-pathological correlations in fatal ischemic stroke.

An immunohistochemical study of human brain penumbra D. Arsene, Florina Vasilescu, C. Toader, Adina Balan, C. Benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis, Carmen Ardeleanu Ischemic stroke is one of the most frequent pathologies with high invalidating potential and a leading cause of death.

The brain tissue adjacent to the central necrotic core, defined as penumbra, was extensively characterized mostly by imaging techniques and in animal models. Our goal was to identify a large panel of molecules in this particular area on human brains harvested at autopsy.

Twenty-one patients with ischemic stroke and seven control cases were taken benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis study. We used immunohistochemistry to characterize necrotic lesions.

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Metalloproteinases, mostly MMP-9, seem to be involved in brain ischemia, but as a protective and not as a deleterious factor. Apoptotic molecules are not increasingly expressed in stroke compared to control cases.

Mast cell enzymes chymase and tryptase are described for the first time in neurons and glia, even with unclear significance.

Microglia appears active in stroke and stimulating methods directed to it could be useful. Nitric oxide synthases and cyclooxygenase-2 were also involved in stroke cases but not in control ones. Animal study of penumbra and human tissue findings are distinct and research should be focused on the latter approach in order to find valuable and safe therapeutic methods. Ditescu, V.

Gheorghita, E. Crauciuc, Irina-Draga Caruntu Cyclooxygenase 2 COX-2 regulates the prostaglandins production and it seems to cum fac bărbații prostatita a role in the onset and progression of different malignant tumors, being overexpressed in numerous human malignancies and premalignant conditions.

Some cellular elements from chronic inflammatory processes, together with stromal cells may be involved in neoplastic transformation of proliferative stem cells and in the process benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis tumor invasion.

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Cervical carcinoma, as a commonly pattern of different tumors, can express COX-2 in association with glutathione-S-transferase isoenzymes and can be considered as possible molecular targets in antitumoral therapy.

Immunostains with COX-2 antibodies were performed on formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue sections from 20 cervical biopsies: 10 with LSIL histopathologic diagnosis and 10 with HSIL histopathologic diagnosis.

The Allred immunohistochemical score for the intensity of staining benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis the percent of cells stained was assigned. The slides were scored by three independent pathologists and compared across histological categories. The increase of COX-2 expression in cervical cancer precursors certifies that COX-2 may have a role in the development and progression of cervical squamous intraepithelial lesions.


Evaluation of women knowledge and attitude regarding cervical cancer early detection Fl. Badulescu, Ileana Prejbeanu, Cornelia Rada, Anca Patrascu, Manuela Dragomir, Florina Carmen Popescu At European level, Romania unfortunately comes first as far as mortality due to cervical cancer is concerned, mortality rate recording a continuous increase due to disease detection in advanced stages. In this context, we followed an assessment of women's cognitive and attitudinal fund in relation to early detection of cervical cancer, through the application of a questionnaire on a batch of women with ages from 18 to year-old, with various levels of education, residents of Craiova City and communes from Dolj County.

Statistic processing of their answers indicates that Buiga, Ioana Brie, N. Balacescu Introduction: Despite the improvement in the treatment results due to modern irradiation techniques and to the association of chemo-radiotherapy, cervical cancer remains an unsolved problem of oncology both due to the increased rate benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis local failures and of the distant metastasis.

Efforts to implement new therapeutic strategies in order to obtain better results in patients with cervical cancer appear justified. Neovascularization is an important step in the tumor progression and the therapeutic targeting of the tumor blood vessels appears to be a good strategy to follow in the anti-cancer treatment.

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Thus, even in an incipient phase of the clinical research process, the combination between the anti-angiogenic aimed therapies and the current radio-chemotherapy seems to represent a new, feasible and promising approach. Materials and Methods: So far, 54 women were included in a prospective trial: 44 having an advanced cervical carcinoma and 10 healthy women, as controls. A tumor biopsy and a blood sample were obtained from each patient before the start of therapy.

The quantitative polymerase chain reaction Real Time PCR was employed for assessing the expression level of the genes involved. Conclusions: Univariate analysis demonstrates that the response to radio-chemotherapy in cervical cancer is related to a set of clinical and molecular factors as: the tumor size, the expression of VEGFR2 as mRNA level and the patients' age.

Unfortunately, the multivariate analysis by logistic model selects only VEGFR2 expression for prediction of tumor response.

The interrelations between the different biomarkers demonstrate the complexity of the tumor progression process and the benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis of further studies to identify new therapeutic targets. The vasculogenesis - a possible histological identification criterion for the molar pregnancy Liliana Novac, Mihaela Niculescu, Maria Magdalena Manolea, D.

Iliescu, Claudia Valentina Georgescu, Al. Benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis, N. Cernea, Andreea Enache The benign hydatidiform mole partial and complete practically represents an associated pathology of the first trimester miscarriage; it is considered that it represents the initial pathology, which, evolutionally, may be followed by the appearance of invasive mole and choriocarcinoma. The authors have studied clinical and cytogenetical 61 cases selected according to some specific criteria for the suspicion of molar pregnancy or hydropic abortion and 21 cases that represented the control group made by patients with normal pregnancy azithromycin prostatitis have been presented for legal abortion.

In all cases has been made a histological exam and has been studied the vasculogenesis by immunohistochemistry labeling for CD31 and CD Following-up the results has been established a number of histological and immunohistochemical criteria for the evaluation and differentiation of various molar pregnancy types and the vasculogenesis characteristics. The most important differential diagnosis criteria between partial and complete mole is represented by the trophoblast disposition and the atypical trophoblast in the complete mole.

Thus, although the expression of transcription factors is very heterogeneous, their simultaneous implementation for positive and differential diagnosis may be useful. Myofibroblast involvement in tubular basement membrane remodeling in type II diabetic nephropathy E.

Mandache, Mihaela Gherghiceanu, C. Serafinceanu, M. Penescu, G. Mircescu Diabetic nephropathy is always accompanied by tubulointerstitial damage. The mechanisms and the cells involved are not entirely clarified.

The damaged tubules may regenerate or undergo necrosis or apoptosis. The purpose of this work was to investigate the structural transformations of both interstitial cells and extracellular matrix of the kidney stromal area in patients with type II diabetes mellitus associated with diabetic nephropathy.

Tubulointerstitial fibrosis is characterized by loss of renal tubules and interstitial capillaries and the accumulation of extracellular matrix proteins.

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Tubular basement membranes were usturaturi in timpul urinarii to be a target of the remodeling process of the stromal area. Thickening, splitting and duplication were the main lesions of these membranes.

Pathogenesis of bacterial infections

Much attention has been focused on the importance of myofibroblasts in the progression of renal fibrosis. The results represent strong arguments for a direct involvement of myofibroblasts in the process of renal interstitial remodeling, tubular basement membrane thickening, and stromal fibrosis in the late stages of diabetic nephropathy.

Gross morphometric reduction of rats' cerebellum by gamma irradiation was mitigated by pretreatment with Vernonia amygdalina leaf extract O. Owoeye, E. Farombi, S. Onwuka The methanolic extract of Vernonia amygdalina M or "bitter leaf" is known for its antioxidant activity, and antioxidants are noted to mitigate radiation damage in tissues.

The aim of the present study was to observe the radioprotective effect of M on the cerebellum of gamma irradiated rats using alpha-tocopherol TOCO as a reference antioxidant. After 14 days of treatment administered via oral gavage, rats were irradiated with a single dose of 2.

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Gamma radiation caused a statistically significant reduction of the relative weight of the rats' whole brain, relative weight of the cerebellum, the maximum width, rostrocaudal dimension, and dorsoventral extent of the cerebellum. In 6-month period, we retrospectively selected a number of patients in years range of age that were investigated by complex diagnostic techniques supporting the evidence of HPV infection.

Initially, these patients were evaluated cytological using the Bethesda system for PAP-smear interpretation along with colposcopic examination.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) in Dogs

On the other side, the incidence and distribution of HPV types in cervical infections are high variable and may change over time, the cytological screening of sexual active female population remaining the most practical tool in detection of genital HPV infection.

Atrial structural remodeling in patients with atrial chronic fibrillations and in animal models D. Laky, Liliana Parascan, V. Candea Arrhythmia's atrium fibrillation AF is the most often met in clinical setting and it is associated with an increased in mortality risk. For profound the structural changes in chronic AF, we are studied the morphological changes of atrium biopsies to be effected at patients. With sustained AF malformative and valvular acquired cardiac diseases operated under extracorporeal circulation.

Similar studies we are effected to 11 dogs with partial coronary obstructions to a made benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis EKG investigations. The morphological changes mainly concern accommodation dedifferentiation of cardiomyocytes particularly at experimental model and mal-accommodation degeneration of cells with fibrosis replacement features particularly in acquired valvular diseases.

These changes were often interfered. Over study, maintain the hypothesis that the structural changes to be an accommodation more than degenerative response to AF. Clinical and histoenzymatic interrelations of the edentulous ridge's mucosa Monica Mihaela Craitoiu, Mihaela Benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis, Stefania Craitoiu, Veronica Mercut The edentulous ridge's mucosa presents various histological aspects and different histoenzymatic equipment. These aspects are determined by constitutional factors genetic, nutritionalas well as by age and by the associated pathology.

The purpose of this paper is to evidentiate, through histochemical techniques, the aerobe NADH2-cytochrome-c reductase and anaerobe lactatdehydrogenase benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs diagnosis enzymatic activities, as well as the hydrolytic enzyme's activity ATP-ases, pH 9.

The enzymatic activity and the morphological alterations present various aspects, depending on the metabolic type aerobe oxidative, anaerobe oxidative, hydrolyticaccording to the mucosal area epithelium, chorionto the different cell types, or even within the same cellular type especially at the level of the connective lamina propria cells. They also vary from one edentulous patient to another, depending on the existence of a previous prosthetic treatment and on the type of this treatment.

The local clinical examination, sustained by a histoenzymatic investigation, reveals the importance of the structural alterations and they can offer guidance for the proper prosthetic treatment and for the achievement of functional prosthetic restorations that provide the oral mucosa its necessary trophicity for as long as possible.

Involvement of the muscle-tendon junction in skeletal muscle atrophy: an ultrastructural study L. Marinelli, M. Pavan, C. Bertoni-Freddari Background: The muscle-tendon junction MTJ is a physiologically vital tissue interface and a highly specialized region in the muscle-tendon unit.

It is the weakest point in the muscle-tendon unit, making it susceptible to strain injuries. Nonetheless, knowledge of the pathological changes affecting this region and of its response to the atrophy process is very limited. The aim of the study was to examine MTJ ultrastructural morphology in patients with different conditions that induce skeletal muscle atrophy and to attempt a grading of the atrophy process.

Materials and Methods: Fifteen patients undergoing amputation in the distal or proximal third of the lower leg due to chronic or acute conditions were divided into two groups.