Prostate cancer support groups for wives, Number CXIX Suppl, 2016

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prostate cancer support groups for wives

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Descrierea produsului This book takes a unique and uncensored look at living with prostate cancer, telling the stories of ten men from a wide array of backgrounds, geographic locations, and occupations. Each of the men was diagnosed at a different stage of the disease, and each has taken a different approach to his individual treatment. Here, these courageous survivors and some of their wives tell, in their own unique styles, what they experienced, from diagnosis, to treatment, to dealing with doctors.

What support resources are available for prostate cancer patients? (Maria Pigsley, RN, CCRP)

They discuss their personal experiences and treatments in detail, including the physical and psychological side effects of the disease--and the impact those side effects have had on them and their wives.

Prostate Prostate cancer support groups for wives Portraits of Empowerment--A Celebration of Life is more than a survivors' story--it explains the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of different treatment options.

prostate cancer support groups for wives

The book provides strategies on choosing and communicating with a healthcare team, deals with insurance and financial issues, defines terms, tests, and procedures, and gives information on support groups and organizations.

Contributors explain the process of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, discuss advocacy and education, examine issues of sex, love, and intimacy, and consider the possibility of recurrence and survival.

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Prostate cancer is expected to strike approximatelymen in alone. Thanks to the prostate cancer support groups for wives of experiences presented here, this book is intended for everyone from the newly diagnosed to the those who have been living with the disease for years; for the loved ones in their lives; and for the healthcare providers who aid in their recovery.

prostate cancer support groups for wives

Every patient deserves dignity, respect, and compassion. The empowered patient demands to be treated as an equal partner in all of the healthcare decisions that affect him.

prostate cancer support groups for wives

This book serves as an important first step toward realizing that sense of empowerment.