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We consider that TPTB can be the gold standard biopsy. To assess the efficiency and safety of transperineal ultrasound-guided template biopsy of prostate TPTB.

University of Michigan Summary: A carbon-nanotube-coated lens that converts light to sound can focus high-pressure sound waves to finer points than ever before.

We studied prospectively a number of patients who underwent TPTB of prostate prostate cancer ultrasound first means of diagnosis from September to August The procedure was performed in the surgery room, in lithotomy positon, under local anesthesia, by means of standard freehand method sampling of at least 12 fragments,based on predetermined mapping. The data base included the age of the patient, the PSA level, the prostatic volume, the presence of clinical suspicion at digital rectal examination, the histopathological data and prostate cancer ultrasound and late post-surgery complications.

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Prostate cancer was diagnosed in A higher detection ratio within patients with prostate volume [ 60 mL can be noticed. The average Gleason score was of 7.

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No patient developed any feverish symptom or urosepsis. Given the increasing trend of sepsis ratio as a result of transrectal biopsy of prostate, as well as the increased ratio of antibiotic resistance, we appreciate that the benefit of transperineal approach is important enough in order to perform TPTB as first means as well as routine for all patients.

In this report we looked to assess the efficiency and the safety of TPTB as first mean of diagnosis. None of the patients had a previous biopsy by transrectal or transperineal method.

It has the potential to reduce false negatives and speed up diagnosis, which can make a life-saving difference to patients. Prostate biopsy, the most reliable method of detection, is a challenge because of the difficulties in visualizing not only the entirety of the prostate, but also the location of the biopsy needle.

Keywords: prostate cancer; biopsy; transperineal approach;detection; prostate specific-antigen; complication Issue:Volume 70, Issue 3 Pages: